I grew up in the home of a master woodworker!  My father loved to spend hours out in his woodshop just tinkering around, building stuff he needed, imagined, or invented.  It seemed there was nothing that he could not build out there.

My dad and step mom

The Master Woodworker (Dad) and Mom

I used to love going out and hanging out with him, watching him, “helping” him, and was always amazed how he could take what appeared to be some scraps of wood and turn them into something beautiful and useful.  My love for woodworking was born in my EARLY years, but never got a chance to grow into maturity until much later in my life.

My Kids about 6 years ago

My 3 Beautiful Children, 2006

I spent 20 years after high school going to college, starting a family, and beginning my “career” with Costco Wholesale.  I moved around with the growth of the company, trying to further my career by transferring to their new markets, opening new warehouses, working in many different departments, and playing by their rules.  Costco is a great company, they take great care of their employees, members, vendors, and share holders, but it was not MY company, that was for sure!  During those 20 years I never had a decent shop and was never close enough to my dad’s shop to utilize his tools, so my woodworking desire was put on hold.  Finally, when I realized that all my service wasn’t going to get me where I wanted to go, I decided to just move to Montana (closer to Dad’s shop), and see if I could make my dreams come true!

Our Guest Log Cabin by the Creek

Our Adorable Log Cabin

That was 9 years ago.  The first thing I did when I got to Montana (4 days later) was begin building a small log cabin with my dad on his property.  What a joy to spend time with him again, working from sunup to sundown, and seeing the fruits of our labors every night.  Watching those walls get higher and higher, a door here, a couple of windows there, a deck out front, a sleeping loft in there, and finally a pitched roof on top to withstand the heavy snow accumulation in the winter.  When the cabin was done, it needed some furniture and the only logical choice was handcrafted log furniture to go with the theme of the cabin.

Cozy Cabin by the Creek

I proceeded to experiment and learn how to make the right furniture fit into the tightest places within that small cabin.  With much praise of my efforts and encouragement from my friends and family, I began to research the possibility of starting a log furniture business.   Within a year, the business was launched and we hit the ground running, more successful out of the gates than I ever could have imagined.

A Happy Customer

Our Very First Customer Needed a Trailer!

Now, 8 years later, after experiencing many of the challenges, pitfalls, successes, and defeats of owning a small business, I feel that I have something to contribute when it comes to a discussion about “Everything Log Furniture, Rustic Furniture, and Custom Furniture”.

Custom Canopy Bedroom Set!



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